Top 10 Making Money Online Ideas

Top 10 Making Money Online Ideas

Make Money Day or Night On The Internet

Make Money Day or Night On The Internet

More and more of us are looking for ways to mitigate that risk by looking for alternative revenues streams and ways to make money.

The smart thinkers realise that there is an alternative to the regular 9 to 5 working for someone else and the internet platform provides great opportunities to the everyday person – due to its low entry cost barrier, global reach, 24 hour access and automation possibilities…

…all this makes it possible (and I know it’s a cliché) to make money while you sleep.

Take a moment here to review 10 of the more common internet possibilities.

They are in no particular order and keep in mind that some are better than others!

Make Your Money Online Idea 1

Make Money Online Taking Paid Surveys

This is one of the easiest ways to start making money on the internet. There are absolutely no costs apart from your time. Generally you join a membership site to register and then, based on your demographics and background, will be sent appropriate surveys to complete.

Now before you read any further – a word of warning: you may find sites asking you to pay to join before you can start taking the surveys – ABSOLUTELY AVOID these sites. There is no reason whatsoever to have to pay to join – remember YOU will be providing the service for which YOU want to get paid.

This is a time intensive option to making money but can be a nice pocket money earner if you are dedicated and persistent.

Click here to read the full article on Taking Surveys.

Make Your Money Online Idea 2

Make Money Online Selling On eBay

eBay is probably the most popular online auction website that millions of people use every day to find good deals on items they are looking for and because of that, it’s a very popular way to make money online that a lot of people usually start out with. The real numbers are an eBay secret but thousands and thousands of sales are completed every day, generating revenue for the ever-growing million plus sellers registered.

And the good news is that there’s always room for you if you want to get involved – whether you want to earn some part time cash or set up a whole new full time business on the side.

You can start just by getting rid of your unwanted “junk” that is actually someone else’s “treasure”!

Click on the link for the full article about eBay Selling.

Make Your Money Online Idea 3

Make Money Online From An Internet Shop

This type of business is really an extension of what you can do with eBay but here you create your own online store from which customers can purchase. So if you have your own product or products that you want to share with the world then possibly in addition to eBay you set up your own website.

It really is not difficult these days to start selling something from the internet as all you need at a minimum is a webpage with picture, description and a “Buy Now” button that links to PayPal in order to accept payment. However this is obviously not an easy option for making money online as you will need good organisational and customer service skills and of course products to sell!

To read the full article on e-Commerce click on the link.

Make Your Money Online Idea 4

Make Money Online Blogging

Blogging started out years ago as a way for people to connect to others and share pictures, stories and experiences. It was considered to be a great personal journal type tool that one could use to leave your mark on the internet through the sharing of your experiences.

However now, more and more people are realising the power of blogging – enabling them to reach and, more importantly, connect with a wide audience. Blogs have evolved to become excellent marketing tools as well as a medium to make money from.

Not only can you post content that you want to share, such as words, picture and video up onto the internet but also blogs allow people to comment on that material (if you allow that) and so connect back with you.

Click here to read more about Blogging.

Make Your Money Online Idea 5

Make Money Online With Affiliate Marketing

Don’t want to deal with customers, suppliers, inventory, websites, payment processing, etc? If so then affiliate marketing is right up your street!

This is an online business where you send prospects to other people’s websites and sales pages and then get a commission for every purchase they make. You earn a pre-agreed percentage commission for every sale made by the prospect, within a pre-defined time frame, that you have provided to the seller. This can be a good way to start if you don’t have your own products.

Read more about Affiliate Marketing.

Make Your Money Online Idea 6

Make Money Online With e-Books

Now those of you that have been looking for a while for ways to make money online might think that e-books are a bit long in the tooth but let me tell you that they are the backbone of many if not all successful internet marketers.

You see they are easy to produce, never run out of stock and are free to deliver.

Yes, I did say “easy to produce”! There are 3 simple ways to get an e-book written so one of them is bound to work for you.

Click here to find out how!

Make Your Money Online Idea 7

Make Money Online Offering A Service

Not all online businesses have to be about selling products either physical or digital. If you have a useful service to offer you can advertise on the internet and depending on the service work from home at the same time.

Services that fall into this category include:

  • Writing
  • Web Design
  • Accounting/Bookkeeping
  • Virtual Assistant

Many small business owners have a tough time getting all of their business tasks done by themselves, so they often look to outsource these particular type of activities to someone else.

For more information on Offering A Service click here.

Make Your Money Online Idea 8

Make Money Online With Information Publishing

The internet is a great place to sell knowledge – it’s where we all automatically go nowadays rather than to the library. If you can provide the information that someone is desperately searching for in a format that suits them then people will be willing to pay for it. If you have the knowledge that they want (or can get your hands on it) then you could make money online.

This is essentially the business that I am in – making money online from selling informational-type products. In some ways this is an extension of making money by selling e-books but here you expand to include all media including audio and video delivered in both digital format and real physical format.

This site is really all about Information Publishing so please look around at all the articles as well as this particular post.

Make Your Money Online Idea 9

Make Money Online With Membership Sites

Do you have an interest or hobby that you share with other like-minded people? Do you need a place online to go for advice, or sharing ideas? If so then perhaps you could create a membership site.

Just like in a “real-life club” people purchase memberships to get access to the facilities – usually content that you provide and keep updated on a regular basis. It doesn’t have to cost much to provide your members with informational content, but you can charge a premium because you are bringing all the information together in one convenient place.

What is great about this business is that every time someone renews their membership, you make more money!

Read more about Membership Sites here.

Make Your Money Online Idea 10

Make Money Online With Adsense

As you no doubt know Google makes its money by allowing businesses to advertise on this search pages with adverts at the top and the left hand side of the search page. What you may not so readily know is that Google also places adverts on other people’s websites as well.

Now this is no longer the cash-generating cow that it used to be several years ago – for one thing Google has tightened up its requirements and secondly the searching public are more likely to avoid blatantly useless websites that just contain adverts – but you can earn some extra money from your website.

But it is still something to consider. Read the full article on Adsense here.

Which one of these areas appeals to you? And why? I’d love to hear your thoughts. And also let me know if you’d like more information on any of these topics.

Contact me via the dedicated contact me page or add a comment at the end of each of the particular article.

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