5 Areas To Improve If Your Website Isn’t Making You Money

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How to improve your website to increase your sales and revenue

Is Your Website Improving Your Bottom Line?

Most businesses these days have a website but not all of them are very effective at bring in sales and revenue. It’s not enough just to have a couple of pages online and hope for the best – you need to spend time focusing on your site and really considering what you are using it for.

Here are 5 areas of your website and online presence that you should be thinking about.

1. Website Traffic

I’m sure you know that getting visitors to your website is paramount. Simply building a site with a product or service offering is not enough. Unless your site has been indexed for some time it is unlikely to rank highly in any organic search engines.

You should try to constantly add fresh content and articles to your website – search engines will recognise the activity and start to rank you more favourably.

If you can’t come up with articles of your own, you could think about private label or even syndicated content. Now it won’t be unique content but at least you are updating your site.

Of course you can also drive traffic to your site using pay-per-click (PPC) or paid advertising which will give you an immediate boost in visitors even though it will cost you.

2. Referral Links

Another way that search engines rank the importance and usefulness of a website is to track the links back to your site from other websites. Now gone are the days when you can buy lots of links back to yours from artificially put together websites. The search engines have got wise to this practice and only want genuine backlinks to your site.

Research your niche and find forums or other blogs in your area. Leave “useful” comments and you can usually add a link back to your website.

Submit articles or press releases to various article or press release websites and in your resource box you can give a link back to your site.

Use social media sites such as Facebook, Youtube, etc. to make references back to your website.

The general idea here is to leave your footprint all over the internet with links all pointing back to your website.

3. Leverage The Value Of Every Visitor

I see so many websites with no email or name collection, or if there is email collection then there is NO compelling reason for the visitor to actually leave their details.

If you are going to the bother of trying to drive traffic to your website then at least get them onto your list.

Internet marketing research shows that new visitors need at least 6 – 10 touch points with you before they are ready to buy.

This means that they either have to find your site prominently displayed in the search engines or you need to be more proactive and get them onto your list so that you can begin to build trust and credibility by educating them in your niche.

And the easiest way to do this is to send them a tip of the week or offer them a mini email course.

The more touch points you have (without hard sales messages) the more you build your credibility and the more likely your visitors will ultimately buy from you.

4. Target Your Appeal

If your site or product is for everyone then in fact this is more likely to be seen by no one!

Does your site or product have a clearly defined reason for existence? It should be aimed specifically at a tightly defined audience that still has the sufficient numbers to support your required sales, and not be so broad and diverse that it is difficult to track down and attract visitors.

If necessary have different sub-domains or areas or your site to cater for different groups of customers.

5. Promote The Benefits Not The Features

Never forget the power of appealing to the “What’s In It For Me” (WIIFM) factor. Your visitors are not actually interested in you – they are searching for something to satisfy THEIR needs and wants.

So when visitors come to your site and read your web copy (the words on your site), if you don’t appeal to their hot button then they won’t act – so make sure you’re actually selling the benefits of your product or the benefits of giving their email to sign up for your list.

You need to understand what your market wants and give that to them. Whether that’s an improvement on their current status, health, wealth, etc., or saves them time, or makes something easier, or takes away the pain, or improves their chances of… etc.

Too many sites just tell you what the product is and don’t focus on how it will benefit the visitor. So see if what you’ve written is riddled with benefit driven messages.

I suggest you take a close look at your site now and check these five areas to ensure that your website is helping you make money.

If you’d like me to give you a free website review then contact me with your website details and I’ll submit you into my monthly draw where I pick 3 sites to review.


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  1. Great info as always Paul… Keep up the great work. I have shared this with my Google+ cirlces, Twitter Followers and Facebook Friends. Thanks again.


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