Copy This Idea by Andrew Reynolds

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Andrew Reynolds - bestselling author of "Copy This Idea".

Andrew Reynolds – bestselling author of “Copy This Idea”.

If you are new to Internet Marketing and Information Publishing in the UK you might be excused if you haven’t heard of Andrew Reynolds. However that might soon all change as he has just published his first book “Copy This Idea” and it is being promoted and sold in bookstores across the UK.

"Copy This Idea" book bt Andrew Reynolds - number 1 bestseller in WHSmith

Copy This Idea – straight to number 1 bestseller in WHSmith on release!

In fact it went straight to number one in over 600 WH Smiths shops nationwide, in the Business Book and the Non-Fiction charts when it was first released.

Now who is Andrew Reynolds you may well ask? As his publisher said to him when asking him to write this book, “You’re nothing special, yet you’ve made all this money!”… referring to the over £50,000,000 (50 Million pounds) that Andrew has banked since starting his mail order business from his spare bedroom.

“Copy This Idea” gives you an introduction to the business model that Andrew Reynolds has used to spectacularly change his life (for the better) – going from almost broke to multi-millionaire – and what’s most important for you – in a way that literally allows you to “copy his idea”!

Now the book is not going to give you the detailed training that Andrew’s flagship training product “Cash On Demand” is going to give you – however for the price of the book when you purchase it (and you can by clicking here) you actually get a 30 day free trial to “Cash On Demand” which shows you step by step how to launch your own Cash on Demand style business from home in your spare time. So you can get a preview of what the “Cash On Demand” training course is all about without the initial outlay for the course. It includes 3 DVDs, a CD and a certificate which entitles you to a one hour personal consultation with Andrew Reynolds when your business is up and running.

My first internet sale using the techniques learnt in the Cash On Demand course.

My First Internet Sale

I was really excited when I heard about Andrew’s new book since he was instrumental in getting me started on the internet when I went to one of his bootcamp training events. I went through the “Cash On Demand” course and using it made my first internet sale back in 2007. Now he has revamped and updated the course to version 3.0 as, I’m sure you’ll appreciate, a lot has happened with internet marketing since then!

Other Cash On Demand students, mentioned in the book, include a part time musician who has pulled in over £7million; an ex DJ who has so far banked over £3million; and a stay-at-home Mum who banked over £1million working from her kitchen table.

In the book Andrew (who really is a very down to earth and unpretentious guy) goes through his incredible journey as he stumbled across an idea for a business by a chance meeting with a softly spoken American who showed him a way to make money. Andrew brought that idea back to the UK and with no customers, no product of his own and no idea how to run a business like this, went on to bank over £50million –  all from a modest start in his spare room at home – in his spare time.

Andrew Reynolds is the first to admit that he did not do well at school – he never had any formal business education and if it wasn’t for that chance meeting, he probably never would’ve been able to change his life and his financial outlook. He was able to quit his lousy full time job to follow his gut feeling that he had found what he was looking for – someone successful who could teach and mentor him.

That’s what “Copy This Idea”  is all about – Andrew shows you in the book exactly how his business works. According to him – it’s not too difficult – once you see what he does, all you have to do is “copy his ideas”!

I would thoroughly recommend “Copy This Idea” by Andrew Reynolds if you are looking for an inexpensive way to learn more about making money online on the internet using internet marketing and information publishing. Grab your copy here now for £9.95 and Andrew will include TWO special bonuses for you as well.

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  1. Having read the book, I’ve found that it has given me new impetus in my online ventures. Everytime I am put off, or hit a hurdle, I pick up the book and read a certain chapter to get back on track! Love it!

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