Six Questions To Answer BEFORE You Start Your Sales Copy

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Before you start creating any sales material you need to be able to answer these 6 important questions.

Watch the video below to understand what you need to know about your customers, your product and even yourself – in order to be able to write effective sales copy – whether that’s for a long copy sales letter or sales page, or designing a classified ad for a magazine, or even your business card.

This video is an extract from my Grand Slam Copywriting Course – which will be available soon.


  1. Great post. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thank you for this short and very interesting post. Is your course now available?

  3. Very relevant questions that need to be answered before you start writing your sales copy. In order to write effective sales copy, you certainly require a planned and focused approach, or else the messaging becomes cluttered and you will lose visitors that will not be converted to paying customers.

  4. pretty awesome, the new way make money online thanks

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