Hero of a Bygone Era

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It seems all too often these days that we are surprised when someone takes pride, care and attention in their work – a sad testament to our society today.
However all is not lost – let me tell you about a shining light in the dark night, a harbour shelter in the storm of shoddy service and workmanship.

Pride, care and attention in our work - traits of a bygone era?

Pride, care and attention in our work – traits of a bygone era?

Today my wife and I went to pick up my car Bella after several months of being under the critical care of Jeff Marshall, of Jeff Marshall’s Fins ‘n’ Chrome, necessitated by an unfortunate accident I had last year. In all Bella required: bodywork – straightening and bending the old fashioned way with amongst other things an English wheel (look it up – I had to), a fair bit of adaptive ingenuity and sometimes just enough brute force!; re-chroming, repainting to match faded paintwork, etc.
Basically a job no modern garage would want to touch with a barge pole, let alone know where to start since they can’t just call up Autoparts to get what they need. We did not have to buy a single part since Jeff mended and fabricated everything.
So when we arrived Jeff greeted us with a disparaging. “It’s not perfect!” when referring to his paint match, the bumper straightening, and pretty much anything else he fixed!
“Not quite perfect” doesn’t begin to describe it… “BLOODY MARVELLOUS transformation” does!!!
Now before you all go flocking to Jeff the next time your car needs a service or some serious TLC, let me just tell you – he doesn’t do “generic silver boxes”! His lifestyle values are those of a bygone era and, in essence, your wagon should have fins or chrome but ideally both! He’s polite enough not to say anything rude when we turn up in our “51” Passat but maybe because it’s green it’s okay??? Hey, in another 10 years if I still have it, the Passat will be a classic in its own right!
Now I have to confess that I wasn’t surprised by what Jeff had managed to do to Bella. I know from years of going to Jeff that he always gives 150% to the job and I knew his “not quite perfect” was going to be perfect for me…
So if you’ve found a local hero why not give them a shout-out for the recognition they deserve and remember to strive in your own work and marketing to be the best you can be for your customers. It was a humbling experience for me today.
So finally in the spirit of being as much a perfectionist as Jeff, I’d like to end with some positive criticism, “Jeff, there’s a slight imperfection in my otherwise perfect 64 year old bumper that ruins the reflection in my photo.”
However you all know I’m only saying that because Jeff said it’s there – me, I’m just thrilled to have my old girl back, better than before!!!

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