10 Great Affiliate Networks

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Not sure which affiliate network is best for you yet? Here are 10 affiliate programs that come recommended by super affiliate Mark Ling. The first you will, I’m sure, know about but the rest not necessarily so.



Clickbank is the first word on every affiliate marketer lips. It is great for a lot of people but can frustrate a lot of newcomers who either don’t have success with it right away due to the high competition or simply don’t see any products that they want to promote.

The affiliate marketing business has billions of dollars in sales every year and while the Clickbank share is quite significant, it’s only a part of the market. Having said that, Clickbank is one of the best network for newcomers and is certainly one of the easiest to use.

They accept almost all members. They take care of affiliate revenues instantly and they pay regularly.

However, if you’re interested in diversifying or finding a few new ways to make a profit then these other 9 affiliate networks are top choices as well.

Bluesnap (formerly Plimus)


Bluesnap is very much like Clickbank in many ways with quick acceptance times. After setting up your account, you’ll have access to the marketplace and be able to prep your account’s “BuyNow” templates, etc.

There seem to be lots of software products on offer but it not too easy to see all the products in a particular niche.  You have to do searches within their marketplace and then scroll. Overall it’s not as easy to use as Clickbank and there aren’t as many products available (about 1400 when I last looked) but you probably won’t have as much competition from other affiliate marketers as you would with Clickbank.



This is a good place to get started for those interested in physical products in the health and well-being niches as it has better payouts than other physical goods sites. Acceptance is quick and easy.

The good payouts are really one of the reasons they have become so popular. Maximum payouts range upwards of $100-$150 for single products and with plenty of recurring memberships in their catalogues the potential for long-term profits is quite good.

Also they will pay directly to PayPal which means less waiting for payment release and cheques.



Linkshare has simple acceptance and top notch tracking of hops and conversions. The commission rates are, unfortunately, lower than other networks though, because merchants pay for the right to use the service.

They use the term “Publisher” to refer to you as the affiliate marketer.

This is a site that you can find top level companies and brands that people will be familiar with – allowing you to use their brand prowess as a selling point. There is a UK specific network with over 300 companies that includes household names such as M&S, Fortnum & Mason; fashion brands like LuLu Guinness, Reiss, Crew, Nine West, Jones (The Bootmaker), Anthropologie, etc.; cosmetic brands like Clinque, SpaceNK, and Aveda; and other niche stores like the Ferrari store; plus plenty more.

Apparently (according to super affiliate Mark Ling) payments are slow in coming but they do provide a number of useful tutorials and development tools, along with a development team that can answer most of your questions.

As Seen on PC


The acceptance process here is also pretty simple, but you’ll need a website of some sort before they’ll generally let you through. They do offer physical products as well, with decent commissions.

If you’re interested in having a good array of products to sell and upsell through a newsletter sequence or on your website, this is a great way to do that.

Commission Junction

http://www.cj.com/ or special country specific sites including UK http://uk.cj.com/

The commissions here are wildly varying, but with easy acceptance as a “publisher” and some decent products to choose from it can be a good place to spend some time promoting.

The variety is fantastic, but if you’re a newcomer, you’ll need to navigate the bad offers carefully to avoid anything that doesn’t pay out well. As one of the older networks out there, the site can be a bit messy to navigate, and again, there are quite a few offers here that payout very low and don’t convert very well.

While you can be approved for just about anything rather quickly, you may want to wait to signup for this site until you’ve developed a clearer idea of how to identify a good offer.

Share a Sale


This is a slightly smaller option than Commission Junction, but is growing fast and has generally better commissions than most other sites. It is also fairly simple to join up with, so the time investment is small.

The tracking from ShareASale is among the best on the Internet and they do not approve any offers that have tricky rebilling structures or oddball payment structures that can lead to ethical quandaries.

Additionally, the offers do not include software, or sketchy health, home business, or scam-like products. It’s quickly becoming a popular choice for those seeking quality products to promote.

Never Blue Ads


This is a tricky one, because they are a little selective in their signup process. They usually want intermediate and advanced affiliate marketers on their teams, so it is usually recommended to have a Clickbank account for a bit first, so you can build a site and your commissions and use them as your examples when applying.

If you are using PPC, make sure to mention it on the application. PPC traffic is a quick seller. If you’re a fan of affiliate managers, you get quite a bit of help from the people at this one as well.



This is another site that expects you to spend some time working on your marketing skills before you sign up.

The choice is limited, which can be frustrating, and most of the offers are CPA. However, if you are successful here, you can make a tremendous amount of money due to the high payouts.

Online since 2001, affiliate.com has been focused on helping affiliates as much as possible. They have high standards, but they reward those who meet them with top notch tools and only the best opportunities – all pre-scanned before being posted.

Unique Leads


A relatively new site with a solid selection of well performing CPA programs. They are selective in their choice of new members, but if you get in, you’ll have the opportunity to make substantial income with their wide array of money making opportunities.

This is a very selective site. They claim only 30% of affiliates are approved, and according to super affiliate Mark Ling that number might even be a bit lower. If you’re just starting, definitely go with one of the first 6 sites on this list and then come back to this one later.

But, the PayPal payments, high payouts, multiple product types and affiliate managers all make this is a fantastic choice if you’re interested in going to the next level with CPA.

Choosing Your Affiliate Networks

The thing about choosing a good affiliate network is that you’re never going to need all 10 of them. In fact, I know marketers who have reached 7 and 8 figure incomes with only 1 network and they never run out of things to promote.

But, if you are looking for variety or options that don’t have the same level of competition that a site like Clickbank breeds, the 9 other sites above are a fantastic place to start.


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