About Paul Russell

About Paul Russell

Paul RussellWelcome to MakeYourMoneyOnline.biz.

On this site you will find an ever expanding range of tips and information about how to make money online using the global power of the internet to your business advantage.

Whether you are new to the idea of an internet business or an established business exploring how to use the internet for your expansion, you will find lots of invaluable gold nuggets here – feel free to browse and have a look around!

…But firstly who am I and why should you listen to me?

Well, my name is Paul Russell and Bellibro Limited is my information publishing company. For many years I had been running a successful one-man freelance consulting and training company. I used to build, consult, train and support a particular warehouse management software.  But once I approached 40 I started looking for a business opportunity that would free me from the constraints of nine-to-five so that I would have more time to pursue the hobbies and activities I wanted whilst still being able to pay the bills.

You see no matter how hard I worked there were only so many hours in the working day and I was paid by the hour. So if I worked less to get more free time unfortunately I then earned less at the same time. Chicken and egg – if you don’t lay the egg you don’t get the chicken.

I looked at franchising, went to property seminars, bought business opportunity guides, invested in internet e-gold business opportunities, “holy grail” e-investment funds, etc. but none of them provided what I was looking for. Either the start-up investment was too high, or the basic “time-linked-to-income” model was still there, or I wasn’t interested in what the product or service was, or the schemes have now closed down, or I was simply ripped off – ALL cost and lost me money.

I was obviously using the internet to search for opportunities and gradually became aware of the opportunity in “information”. I was looking for information on business opportunities and was starting to see that there was a very large business out there ready to supply it. So again I bought guides and DVDs and they got me very excited about the possibilities in internet marketing.

During my initial search for business opportunities on the internet I found a wealth of information that was available on the web but a lot of it was useless… and, after sorting the wheat from the chaff (more wasted money!), I discovered several important things…

  • You could get into this “information publishing” business starting work from home without having to give up your day job.
  • You could find products to sell even if you had none yourself to start with.
  • You should understand how the successful internet businesses make their money.
  • You should learn their strategies.
  • You can copy proven winning formulas taken from these successful internet businesses in order to have your own successful business in information publishing or internet marketing.
  • AND finally, most importantly, you needed to be getting your information from QUALITY sources.

No matter what others might promise it just is not possible to dive in and start making money (just like it’s not possible to jump into water and know how to swim) contrary to what the many websites might try to tell you with tempting phrases like “Make money while you sleep!” or “Make thousands in sales without lifting a finger!”

Ask yourself this: do you honestly know or have you heard of anyone who has become an instant millionaire (winning the lottery excluded) without some hard work?

That isn’t to say that it’s all hard work in order to make money online – when done correctly the beauty of working online is that you can set up systems to automate the process after you have done the work – once. You don’t have to take out a second mortgage, work 90-hour weeks, or sell your soul on e-Bay to be a successful internet marketer.

As I said before, the secret to online success is to follow an already proven successful strategy.

It is anonymously quoted that “the greatest oak was once a little nut that held its ground” and I’d like to think that I can be that nut that gets you started by showing you the possibilities that are in front of you!

So I only offer a selection of personally vetted products that can help you on your own path to creating a viable and sustainable way to make money online with web-based information publishing business that you can start from home in your own time. They all show you a proven way to get started with your own online business.

If you’d indulge me in a moment of philosophical thought – my ethos for making money online is that the focus is not on making money but rather on trying to add value to ones customers, clients and life in general. (Philosophy moment over!)

So if I don’t think it’s any good – I don’t sell or recommend it! Hence I can easily offer a money-back guarantee.

BUT…remember it is not enough just to read all the information here on this site – you need to PUT INTO ACTION what you learn from it.

If you want a quick start overview to how you can start an information publishing business from home, click on the link Think Big Start SMALL to get instant access to a proven e-business blueprint. Follow the report and get yourself started. Grab yourself a slice of the “internet” cake!

Alternatively I am available for personal consultations via skype or email if required.